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According to, the average pay for scientists and engineers ranges from just under $50,000 to slightly over $61,000 a year. Please review the chart below for specifics.

Median Salary/Year
Mechanical Engineer
Electrical Engineer
Project Engineer
Civil Engineer
Software Engineer
Manufacturing Engineer
Environmental Scientist
Clinical Laboratory Scientist
-- Source: 2005 reports that the average patent agent salary is $74,500 a year. Keep in mind that this is without a law degree. As indicated in the chart above, the average patent agent salary is likely to be more than your pay as a scientist or engineer. Which profession is the better choice for you?...

You have a great opportunity to find a niche which suits your personality and style. You can specialize in biotech patents to those based on mechanical engineering.

Engage in intense intellectual challenges. Put your knowledge to the test -- and solve fascinating technical and legal problems.

Work with interesting and creative inventors.

It's a prestigious job. You will be right on the cutting edge of research and development. And you will learn about new and exciting discoveries before anyone else. It is also your opportunity to use that science or technical degree you worked so hard to get.

You have the opportunity to do something positive for society. Patents encourage people to seek innovations. Innovations advance society. A career in patent law is thought by many to be prestigious and rewarding.


How to Become a Patent Agent


In order to become a patent agent, you will need to take and pass the patent bar examination. Provided you qualify to sit for the exam, you do not need to fulfill any further requirements. If you have a job in one of the categories in the chart above, you may be able to make as much as $20,000 a year more as a patent agent.

Even if you choose not to pursue a career in patent law, possessing credentials as a patent agent may make you more employable for a future science or engineering position. It is also a nice back-up in the event your current position is no longer available to you.

Expanding your credentials is always smart. If you are a scientist or engineer, consider a career in patent law.


At a Glance' Chart Patent Agent Salary Range

Patent agent starting salary $45-65,000
Average salary for a patent agent $70-90,000

The salary information above only provides estimates. Depending on your experience, education level, and factors pertaining to the position you gain you may make more or less.


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