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What Qualities Do I Need to Become a Patent Agent/Attorney?

Patent Law is the perfect field for many creative and talented individuals since it requires so many qualities in order to be successful. So aside from the right degree and the willingness to pass the patent bar exam, what does it take to become a patent agent or attorney?

For starters, there is definitely a people-oriented side to patent law since patent agents and attorneys work so closely with inventors. Remember, their hopes and dreams will be riding on the invention and you will be there to help them achieve their goals.

Patent agents and attorneys must also have excellent writing skills. Drafting a quality patent application is tedious work that requires the best in written communication.

In addition, a strong background in either science or technology is a must. You will have to be capable of understanding exactly what has been invented in order to write a patent application.

Lastly, as a patent agent or attorney, you should possess a thirst for never-ending knowledge. You will be right on the cutting edge of research and development and will always be exposed to new and exciting discoveries!

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